Alim Umerodja
Alim UmerodjaManaging Partner & Attorney

"Our goal is to provide quality legal assistance."

The team of Adalet Law Firm aims to set the highest possible level for the entire legal market of Ukraine, namely to provide the Client with quality legal services. In our opinion and experience, it is the high quality of services provided that affects the competitive environment and the evaluation provided by the Client who receives such services is the key to the success of our Client and our company to which we always strive.

Adalet Law Firm Team

Adalet's team consists of people who are fanatics of their business, which allowed them to become professionals in their chosen fields of law. Our lawyers and jurists profess the philosophy that the law is a tool to protect the rights and interests of the client, the skillful use of which depends on our professionalism.

Суд. Юридична компанія Адалет. Адвокат Львів. Юрист «Adalet»
Юридична компанія Адалет. Адвокат Львів. Юрист «Adalet»

Adalet is always:

Use of the most effective legal means to achieve a positive result for the Client and protect him from legal and financial risks and losses. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work, which brings us valuable dividends, namely trust.

Law Firm "Adalet" is not just a company, but a friendly team of professional lawyers and attorneys in the main areas of jurisprudence. Our team is a team of values ​​and creativity. We started our journey in 2012 and today we know and understand that a satisfied customer is a protected customer who is already building our reputation.

Sincerely, Law Firm "Adalet"
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