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Adalet Law Firm provides a wide range of services within the framework of contractual law. Significant terms of the contract, the rights and obligations of its parties, compliance with the terms of the contract to your interests and the law, legal tricks of your counterparties (the other party to the contract), legal mechanisms of enforcement, compensation and penalties for non-performance or improper performance, the risks of invalidating the contract, or terminating it or declaring it unconcluded, and other aspects of concluding the contract will require you to have legal knowledge and sufficient contractual experience to avoid practical difficulties after the conclusion of the contract and its implementation.

We provide comprehensive advice to companies and individuals on contractual relations, provide support during the conclusion and execution of contracts, conduct a legal audit of the terms of the proposed draft agreement, as well as services related to the conclusion of various agreements: loans, loans, concessions, supply of goods , provision of services, performance of works, lease of real estate and movable property, purchase and sale, assignment of claims, sureties, pledges, mortgages, bank guarantees, investment agreements and other agreements.

We provide services from:

■ Advising on contract law;

Drafting various agreements (purchase - sale, gift, lease);

Comprehensive legal analysis (audit) of contracts;

Legal support during the conclusion of contracts;

Legal support of foreign economic agreements (contracts).

Судове представництво. Стягнення заборгованості ЮК Adalet

In our company, the process of providing services is organized so that you can check the competence of our lawyer. We offer a variety of consultation formats:

  • personal meeting with a lawyer in our office;
  • get a consultation by phone, skype or any messenger;
  • online counseling;
  • get an answer to your question by email.

You can assess our competence right now by calling and getting the advice you need or arrange a personal meeting with a lawyer.

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