Міграційне право. Юридична допомога іноземцям ЮК Adalet

An important principle that has become one of the main today in the modern world is the princid ordinary people. The principles of freedom of movement of capital, free movement of persons, freedom of movement of goods and services are the basic principles of the Western world and states that seek to become part of the Western world. However, such principles do not mean absolute freedom of such movements. Free movement means the creation of the most favorable conditions possible for states to move freely goods and services, people and capital.

Today, unfortunately, in Ukraine the principles of free movement are met or, to be more precise, hindered by the implementation of a whole bureaucratic army of state bodies and legislative restrictions. Incompetence of civil servants and officials, gaps and contradictions in our legislation, bureaucracy and formalism of our institutions are among the main obstacles to the proper implementation of the principles of free movement of goods and services, people and capital.

Міграційне право. Юридична допомога іноземцям ЮК Adalet
Міграційне право. Юридична допомога іноземцям ЮК Adalet

Many years of experience working closely with public authorities (migration service, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.) on various issues for foreign citizens and legal entities, give us an excellent understanding and benefits for a quick and professional solution to the Client.

Long queues, unfriendliness and arrogance of civil servants, ignorance of enough laws, constant sending you to finalize documents and more, can be waiting for you in our government agencies.

We offer you to take on all the above inconveniences and troubles and solve your problem quickly and professionally. We will study your question as soon as possible and offer an option to solve it. You will only need to trust us, the result of which will not make you wait long.

We offer you the following services:

 ►Obtaining permits for employment of a foreigner or a stateless person in Ukraine (work permit for foreigners and stateless persons, extension of the permit, amendments to the work permit for foreigners and stateless persons);
 ►Advising on marriage to a foreigner or a stateless person (with a citizen of Ukraine);
 ►Receiving an invitation to Ukraine;
 ►Obtaining a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, obtaining citizenship of Ukraine;
 ►Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
 ►Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine;
 ►Registration of residence of a foreigner (residence permit);
 ►Obtaining (registration) refugee status in Ukraine;
 ►Confirmation of the child's citizenship;
 ►Obtaining documents of various kinds for foreigners (certificates of days of stay in Ukraine, information on the commission of an offense in Ukraine by a foreigner, a criminal record, obtaining a tax number for a foreigner, etc.).

In our company, the process of providing services is organized so that you can check the competence of our lawyer. We offer a variety of consultation formats:

  • personal meeting with a lawyer in our office;
  • get a consultation by phone, skype or any messenger;
  • online counseling;
  • get an answer to your question by email.

You can assess our competence right now by calling and getting the advice you need or arrange a personal meeting with a lawyer.

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