Супровід операцій з нерухомістю. ЮК Adalet

Property rights and their protection are one of the basic principles of the rule of law and democratic society today. Every person, whether natural or legal, in one form or another faces legal issues related to real estate, the solution of which requires a professional approach. The experience, professional skills and ability of our lawyers to achieve the set goals are the basis for solving your problem. Our lawyers will provide you with a range of services that include both consulting and full legal support of actions related to real estate.

To this end, Adalet Law Firm, based on its specialization, provides the following range of legal services related to real estate:

  • protection of the Client's rights and interests in public authorities (executive service, prosecutor's office, police, etc.) and local governments (executive committees, departments, etc.);
  • representation of the Client's rights and interests in judicial institutions of all jurisdictions (commercial, civil, etc.) and all instances (first, appellate, cassation);
  • renewal, receipt of title documents for real estate;
  • legal support of the preparatory process and stage of implementation of investment projects in construction;
  • legal assistance in the process of putting the construction object into operation;
  • minimization of risks during various operations with buildings, structures, premises, land, etc .;
  • legal support during obtaining permits during the construction of real estate;
  • legal analysis of documents required for the transaction (agreement);
  • representation of the Client's interests in disputes related to the invalidation of contracts of sale of real estate, gifts, leases, etc .;
  • legal support at all stages of the acquisition of real estate (apartments, land, non-residential premises, construction in progress, etc.);
  • drawing up agreements related to the transfer / acquisition of rights to real estate (lease (sublease), sublease, gift, lifetime maintenance, exchange, leasing, etc.);
  • comprehensive analysis of the investment object (history of the real estate object, existence of arrests, prohibitions of alienation, identification of risks of acquisition of such object, introduction of legal guarantees, etc.);
  • representation of the Client's interests in the relationship with the developer, which includes a full analysis of the developer's activities and identification of risks of acquisition of real estate (apartments, etc.) of the developer;
Супровід операцій з нерухомістю. ЮК Adalet
  • appeal against decisions or actions of the state registrar, including in case of refusal of state registration of real estate;
  • legal assistance in obtaining the necessary permits for the transfer from housing to non-residential and vice versa real estate (apartments, estates, etc.);
  • representation of the Client's interests in disputes on appeals against imposed arrests and other prohibitions on real estate.

In our company, the process of providing services is organized so that you can check the competence of our lawyer. We offer a variety of consultation formats:

  • personal meeting with a lawyer in our office;
  • get a consultation by phone, skype or any messenger;
  • online counseling;
  • get an answer to your question by email.

You can assess our competence right now by calling and getting the advice you need or arrange a personal meeting with a lawyer.

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