How we work:

  • Commercial offer - meets the specific requirements of the Client as much as possible and includes conditions that are acceptable to you.
  • Free consultation - we will advise you free of charge on the grounds and possibility to change the purpose of the land. In case of impossibility to change the purpose of the land plot to the one you want, we will help you choose the category of the purpose that suits you and will increase the liquidity of your land plot.
  • Efficiency - this process is long and bureaucratic, but we make it as fast as possible.
  • Responsibility - we are always in constant dialogue with you and inform you about the whole process.
Зміна цільового призначення земельної ділянки

Problems you may encounter in the process of changing the purpose of the land:

Legal complexity of the process - the process of changing the purpose is complex and costly (financial, time, etc.), which requires legal understanding to address this issue, as the transfer of land to another category is carried out by public authorities or local governments. You need a professional who will take on such a bureaucratic blow.

► Non-compliance - that is, if the land is in your interests and your plans, but its purpose does not allow it to be used in such plans, you need to align the purpose of the land to your plans, namely to change its purpose.

The state's interest is that the state is interested in the preservation of agricultural land, including the development of agricultural production, so any intention to use such land for other purposes is strictly limited.

► Restrictions on the use of land - the acquisition or lease of land, unfortunately, does not mean that you can freely use it for any purpose. This possibility is determined by its intended purpose and type of permitted use.

The inconsistency of the purpose of the land plot with your goals and plans is a problem that we will solve professionally for you.

Перевід цільового призначення земельної ділянки. ЮК «Adalet»

The team of «Adalet» Law Firm effectively solves the issue of transferring a land plot to the required category of purpose in the manner prescribed by law, which is facilitated by our experience and professionalism.

One of the key tasks of such a process is to reasonably explain to the authorities the need and importance of changing the purpose of the land to the category you need. Such a process requires the ability to delicately and correctly negotiate with the authorities and others. Therefore, our team will save you problems with the transfer of land to the category you need.

In our company, the process of providing services is organized so that you can check the competence of our lawyer. We offer a variety of consultation formats:

  • personal meeting with a lawyer in our office;
  • get a consultation by phone, skype or any messenger;
  • online counseling;
  • get an answer to your question by email.

You can assess our competence right now by calling and getting the advice you need or arrange a personal meeting with a lawyer.

Sincerely, Law Firm «Adalet»  
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