Banking law is a complex and extensive industry that requires professionalism, knowledge of a large number of regulations and understanding of the financial structure of Ukraine. The effectiveness of the transaction, court decision or contract depends on this area.

We, as practitioners, always keep up with the times, and as professionals we are ahead of it. We constantly monitor changes in the financial sector, norms and requirements of current legislation of Ukraine. Our Clients can be sure that their affairs are managed by professionals.


Банківське право. ЮК Adalet
Банківське право . ЮК Adalet

Specialists of our company represent the rights and interests of financial institutions, individuals and businesses in the judiciary, as well as accompany the conclusion of all major types of agreements in the banking sector.

Our experience gives us an invaluable advantage in understanding the internal banking structure, its work, which allows us in a short period of time to analyze complex financial transactions and situations and suggest possible measures to protect the interests of the Client or ways to solve the problem.

We provide services to individuals and legal entities on raising funds, including through loans, support for construction financing projects, restructuring and debt repayment.


The main components of legal services that we provide in the banking sector are:

Registration of financial institutions, preparation of necessary documents for this;

Representation of the rights and interests of creditors, debtors, other participants during the conclusion of financial agreements ; ;

Support in matters of foreclosure on the debtor's property;

Advising individuals and legal entities on the use of housing investment mechanisms (including construction financing funds or real estate funds, mutual investment institutions, etc.), development of the necessary documentation (including agreements) related to the use of such financing mechanisms;

Advising on the provision of all types of financial services, licensing of activities on the provision of financial services, preparation of the necessary documentation for relevant services, development of financial schemes;

Advising foreign citizens and legal entities on Ukrainian legislation at all stages of project implementation;

Comprehensive support of enterprises, institutions and organizations, the main activity of which is the provision of financial services;

Preparation of documents of various nature: claims, statements, letters, inquiries (including lawyers), etc .;

Support of agreements on debt structuring and restructuring, acquisition / disposal of receivables and loans;

Resolving debt restructuring issues;

Providing legal opinions on trust management of property;

Representation of the Client's rights and interests in judicial institutions of all jurisdictions and instances;

Legal audit (due diligence) of the borrower (debtor), creditor;

Analysis and preparation of syndicated loan agreements.

In our company, the process of providing services is organized so that you can check the competence of our lawyer. We offer a variety of consultation formats:

  • personal meeting with a lawyer in our office;
  • get a consultation by phone, skype or any messenger;
  • online counseling;
  • get an answer to your question by email.

You can assess our competence right now by calling and getting the advice you need or arrange a personal meeting with a lawyer.

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