Subscriber service of business is a complex legal support of activity of the enterprise on all legal questions which arise in the course of business activity or are connected with such activity. Entrepreneurial activity is related to the law and there are a large number of legal aspects that are important to consider when conducting business. Sometimes ignoring legal issues can be costly for a business owner and lead to losses, fines and other unplanned expenses. The benefits of customer service are undeniable and obvious: management and business owners focus on business development and profits, leaving all legal issues to professionals and having a team of reliable and professional lawyers (lawyers) behind their backs to protect your rights and interests.

Юридичний супровід бізнесу. Абонентське обслуговування. ЮК Adalet

Adalet Law Firm provides both comprehensive legal support for the current business activities of business structures (legal outsourcing) and legal support during the implementation of individual tasks and projects.

Юридичний супровід бізнесу. Абонентське обслуговування. ЮК Adalet

We have been successfully operating in the market of legal services for business support for more than 6 years. The key to the high quality of our work is undoubtedly our professional team. Each of our lawyers (attorneys) specializes in their chosen field of law, which provides the most complete, fast and professional solution to the issues of the enterprise at the expert level.

The policy of our company, which is that the provision of services is carried out on the principles of openness, efficiency, effectiveness, providing commercial and confidential information, achieving maximum results - allows us to provide services to customers at a high level.

Advantages of subscriber service (legal outsourcing) of business:

Does not require the cost of a full-time lawyer.

Does not require costs related to official employment - taxes, SSC, etc.

Increases the efficiency of solving the company's activities, as a whole team of lawyers (attorneys) is involved.

Minimizes internal document flow.

Increases the liability of the law firm to you.

We offer you comprehensive legal support for your business, with the involvement of our specialists in corporate, commercial, civil, tax, contractual, administrative, labor law, construction, intellectual property law (trademarks, programming copyrights, etc.).

Given the specifics and scope of your company, you can choose one of our customer service packages:

Standard package


from 4000₴

Registration company - selection of optimal organizational form for your activity, taking into account the tax burden.

Re-registration, changes to the constituent documents (charters, etc.), and any other action related to the registration change.

Negotiable activities - preparing all draft contracts.

Legal audit contractors of the company.

Registration formation of labor relations at the enterprise (execution of employment contracts, contracts, briefings, development of job descriptions, dismissal of employees, etc.) and optimization of costs for employees.

Consultation legal issues arising in the implementation of business enterprises.

Оptimal package


from 8000₴

With a protection system of rights and interests of the company during inspections of controlling bodies (State Fiscal Service, Labor Inspectorate, etc.);

Representation interests of the company in state and local governments; development of all contracts required in the enterprise;

Legal audit of all internal and administrative activity;

Development and implementation of commercial protection mode, confidential information;

Holding permits and licenses required for the activities of the enterprise (for construction, sale of alcoholic beverages, etc.);

Registration trademark and copyright protection company.

Corporate package


from 12000₴

Full conduct internal documents of the company;

Representation client's interests in relations with regulatory and supervisory authorities;

Software the protection of the rights and interests of the Client from unfair competition, attempts at raider capture;

Protection of enterprise assets during bankruptcy or during reorganization of the enterprise;

Development and implementation of commercial protection mode, confidential information;

Others legal services of legal support business.

Claim-court work to protect the rights and interests of the client.

До кожного пакету можливі підключення додаткових послуги.

Additional services can be connected to each package.

► determination of the scheme or structure of economic activity of the enterprise (taking into account the tax burden, current expenses, staff, etc.);

► determining the legal form of work of your employees (taking into account the provisions of labor legislation);

► protection of business projects from unfair competition (registration of trademarks and other objects of intellectual property rights, protection of commercial and confidential information of the enterprise);

► insurance of the enterprise from unreliable contractors (concluding agreements with fictitious enterprises, enterprises with tax pits, bankruptcies, etc.).

Абонентське обслуговування бізнесу. Юридичний супровід бізнесу. ЮК Adalet

Building and scaling a business is an art that requires constant protection. In order to achieve certain successful and planned results, it is necessary to have in your team professionals who know how to build the right strategy and go along with you. Our team has concentrated all the necessary skills to organize effective work.

In our company, the process of providing services is organized so that you can check the competence of our lawyer. We offer a variety of consultation formats:

  • personal meeting with a lawyer in our office;
  • get a consultation by phone, skype or any messenger;
  • online counseling;
  • get an answer to your question by email.

You can assess our competence right now by calling and getting the advice you need or arrange a personal meeting with a lawyer.

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