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Any activity in our state that pursues personal interests, the interests of a group of persons or public interests must be carried out in the forms prescribed by law. Entrepreneurial activity, public activity, patronage activity and any other activity, if you want and want to protect yourself from various risks, including regulatory authorities and financial losses, such activities must be carried out within the current legislation, as well as clearly define the structure , the principles of relations between the founders (partners) and other issues of activity, should be carried out within the chosen organizational and legal form.


First of all, any businessman deciding to design or expand its activities, determines in what the best form of its implementation it will be profitable - or a limited liability company or a private enterprise, or an individual entrepreneur. The correct definition of the organizational and legal form of your activity is important, because in the future will determine the responsibility of the founders (participants), the legal status of the organization, the relationship of founders (participants) between themselves and the organization, management and control, asset circulation, alienation, systems taxation and other aspects of the activities and development of the future organization.


We offer:

  • a set of services for registration of separate divisions of a legal entity: branches and representative offices;
  • advising on choosing the optimal organizational and legal form for your activity;
  • complex of services for registration of general partnership (PA) and limited partnership (CT);
  • complex of services for registration of a natural person-entrepreneur, private enterprise;
  • a set of services for the registration of a farm (FG), a joint venture ;
  • services for the preparation of all or part of the documents required for state registration.
  • a range of services for the registration of associations of enterprises: associations, corporations, consortia, concerns, holding companies;
  • a set of services for the registration of limited liability companies (LLCs), additional liability companies (LLCs), joint-stock companies (public and private);
  • a range of services for the registration of public associations: political parties, public organizations, religious organizations, trade unions, associations of trade unions, creative unions, charitable organizations (charitable foundations), associations of apartment building co-owners and others;
  • a range of services for the registration of commodity exchanges, stock exchanges, credit unions, consumer associations, horticultural societies;
  • services for registration of changes to the constituent documents (charter, etc.), changes in the head of the state register, changes in the composition of the founders (participants);
  • a range of services for the registration of cooperatives - service cooperatives, housing cooperatives, production cooperatives, consumer cooperatives, etc.

        * a set of registration services includes the preparation of documents required for registration, submission of such documents, obtaining registration documents, as well as applying to the tax service to select the desired tax system.

Registration of organizations (FOP, LLC and others) throughout Ukraine within one day.

Our specialists, based on their experience and knowledge, will offer you the most optimal and flexible organizational and legal form that meets your activities and that will take into account your requirements for structure, turnover of assets (property), responsibilities of founders (participants), management and control, taxation systems and other business issues.

We will briefly explain to you what way or stages you will have to go after the preliminary definition of the organizational and legal form of your activity:

1) Preparation of documents: preparation of documents is one of the important and difficult stages. Depending on the organizational and legal form you have chosen, in general, the following documents can be distinguished, which should be prepared: minutes of the meeting of the founders; constituent document (charter, agreement, etc.); registration cards; registers of persons present at the meeting. This is not a typical list of documents, but a general one, which is usually required for most cases when registering legal entities of various organizational and legal forms. The specific list of documents depends on the organizational and legal form you have chosen. The preparation of the above documents is very important, because they will be submitted by you to the state registrar, who will meticulously conduct a legal examination of the compliance of such documents with the requirements of the law. Attentiveness,

Since, for example, convening and holding a meeting of founders, the design of the results of such meetings require clear and consistent action. Preparation of constituent documents, such as the charter of a limited liability company (LLC), which must meet a number of legal requirements: the charter must contain the name, in accordance with the requirements of current legislation to the names of legal entities; the procedure for alienation of property; the procedure for alienation of shares of authorized capital; entry of new and exit of existing members of the company; types of economic activity; management and control bodies, the procedure for their convening, decision-making, the procedure for voting at the general meeting; executive bodies, the order of their activities and the limits of their powers; and other provisions,

Реєстрація організацій. Реєстрація ФОП, ТзОВ, ТОВ. ЮК Adalet

2) Submission of documents to the state registration bodies of legal entities, natural persons-entrepreneurs and public formations: today the state registration bodies are: state registrars; registrars of local governments; public and private notaries. Depending on the registrant you choose, you will incur both time and financial costs.

3) Registration and receipt of documents confirming registration.

4) Preparation and submission of documents for the transition to the required system of taxation of the newly created entity: depending on your chosen system of taxation, you will need to submit the relevant documents to the tax (fiscal) service. If it is a general system of taxation, then you do not need to go through this stage, however, if you choose any other system of taxation (simplified system, non-profit status, etc.), you can not do without this stage. At the same time, it is important to draw up the necessary documents and submit such documents to the tax service in time, as usually for the transition to a certain tax system after registration, the law provides a grace period for choosing a tax system that you should not miss.

You can entrust the passage of all the above path to our specialists, who will professionally and as soon as possible register the chosen organizational and legal form of your activity, deprive you of bureaucratic work, and you will have free time to develop your activity.

Реєстрація організацій. Реєстрація ФОП, ТзОВ, ТОВ. ЮК Adalet

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